The tyres crunched on the gravel as the car finally came to a stop.

Tim and Jessica stared in silence through the windscreen of their rented Volvo.  For weeks they had planned this journey and finally it was actually happening. For ten whole minutes they just sat and looked.

The drive ‘up North’ had taken most of the night, but the breaking dawn  over the mountains directly in front of them and the heavy dew on the grass were ample reward indeed.

The early morning sky was changing colour from black to orange to yellow to cobalt blue. The October air was crisp and clean.

Tim was the first to snap from his trance. He reached for the door handle and grinned at Jessica:

“Only 25 miles and 1800 vertical meters to cover today.” he said. “Are you ready?”

“Are you kidding?” exclaimed  Jessica, her eyes dancing with excitement. “See you at the top of the first hill!” With that she grabbed her pack from the back seat of the car and threw open the car door.

The hike had begun.



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